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2019 Issues

Construction defects

  1. Require damages/settlements for ISD construction defects to be spent on the repairs

    HB 1734 (Rep. Holland) Read more.

  2. Create “right to repair/cure” construction defects for public, commercial projects before being sued

    HB 1999 (Chairman Leach). Read more.

  3. Shorten the time period for suing for design/construction defects (“statute of repose”) from 10 years to 4 years for patent (i.e., visible, obvious) defects and from 10 years to 8 years for latent (i.e., hidden) defects

    HB 1737 (Rep. Holland) Read more.

  4. Hold local governments to State standards for procuring contingency fee lawyers to pursue litigation (TLR bill, AGC supporting)
    HB ____ (Rep. Greg Bonnen) / SB ____ (Chairwoman Huffman) 

Other issues

  1. Provide statutory recovery of attorney’s fees for State breach of contract (amount in controversy over $250,000), as it is for all other governmental entities

    HB 1185 (Chairman Cyrier) / SB 737 (Chairman Hughes) Read more.

  2. Having the Texas Education Agency create uniform general conditions (UGCs) for ISD building contracts (modeled on State’s UGCs)

    HB 1416 (Chairman Lucio III) Read more.

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