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Legislative Priorities 2023

1. Placing risk/liability on Owners (not on Contractors) for Owner-caused delays on public projects

SB 803 (Hughes), HB 2265 (Leach)


2. Support funding for vocational/trade/workforce development in ISDs, community colleges, and Texas State Technical College/Lamar Institute of Technology

SB 1 (Huffman), HB 1 (Bonnen), several other bills


3. Fix FBI/DPS issue re: accessing criminal history record information for construction employees on ISD project

SB _____, HB _____, (DPS/TEA bills)

4. Fix certificate-of-merit insurance dilemma for third-party claims on design-build projects

SB _____, HB 2007 (Martinez)

5. State pre-emption of local, anti-contractor ordinances (business coalition effort of several trade associations)

SB 814 (Creighton), HB 2127 (Burrows)

6. Creation of speciality courts for business-to-business litigation, corporate governance, and suits involving state agencies (Texans for Lawsuit Reform "TLR" initiative - business coalition effort of several trade associations)

SB 27 (Hughes), HB 19 (Murr); SB 1045 (Huffman), HB 3166 (Murr)

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